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I am a craftsman, a creator, and an effector. I seek to cross collaborate between crafts in an effort to create solutions and enhance the constructed environment.


Next door.

Next door.

63v asked: hi! i was wondering which program you use to create renderings?

I constructed model in rhinoceros, render with a few materials in v-ray and do a lot of post-processing in photoshop & illustrator.

I am a craftsman

I profoundly believe that through the act of making, we are able to reach and move people.

Chapel Pagan Temple -
.dialog between Poseidon & Apollo (lake alice, gainesville, Fl)
On the surface of Lake Alice, a vertical wooden vessel can be found. The Pagan Temple is conceal for the necessity of the God of the Sea (Poseidon) and the God of the Sun (Apollo) to dialog. The result is a Vessel that through form and tectonic expression connects and creates a transition between the water and the sky.

.seeking form
A series of sketches start to seek the sociological form of a temple. Through multiple iterations, the result start to yield the idea of a “Vessel”.  Plus the idea of “Verticality” through tectonics + reflections + form. 

.program (water + sky)
The Vessel contains two spaces: the lower floor is a place for the connection of water, it provides views only into Lake Alice and an internal fountain. The upper floor is about the connection of the Sun. Therefore it is flooded with skylights and light shafts that continue down into the lower floor. Both spaces are connected by a physical element (stair) and an ethereal element (light shaft). 

.construction assembly
The construction of the Temple seeks the expression of verticality. Wrapping the vessel with the use of vertical metal structure and vertical wood panels. The exterior and interior image of the Temple is a connection from the water to the sky.

Container -
.fingers capsule
Moving beyond program, form, or site, this project aims toward the sole expression of making. The design is driven by its construction and the association of its components. Using the tectonic character of a “finger”, the project began by determining the hierarchy of organization of its construction.

.construction axonometric + assembly model
The components of the model were organized in terms of its structural organized in terms of its structural priority. (1) the inner structure is identidied by the metal framework. (2) the roof and floor system is shape directily into the primary structure. (3) the stone panels are hinged and hung into the primary structure and roof sytem. (4) to address weather condition (wind & rain), screen were added to the to the stone system. these provide protection from the outside without restricting visual access from the interior. (5) Finally, wood panels were added to provide for sitting in the exterior.

.Principles of Making
With respect to Gottfried Semper categories of the different elements of the “Primitive Hut”, the container is separated into the structural framework, the enclosing stones panels or skin, and the foundation. The left residue of the pavilion become opportunities for seating and entrance. 

Wall -
.versatile pre-cast unit
Moving beyond program, form, or site, this project aims toward the purpose of making a modular unit. The starting point was to find a component that can associated with it else. Using techniques such as mirror, repetition, and rotation. As a final result, the single unit disappears within the rest and establish new patterns. 

.duplication + mirror / rotation
The idiosyncratic of the single unit is removed by the duplication of the unit. New patterns come to emerge. Three result were found by repeating the unit four times, establishing a new whole. Finally, by interlocking the new whole, a weaving pattern arises. 

A system of square rods are introduced to lock the system into place. Enforcing the wall beyond the usage of stacking. Above a construction drawing of how each piece is set together and after pin into place. The wall can continue to be assemble until gravity load allows it.